Monday, February 2, 2009

But it's in n out what you think...

In some cultures, the sunrise is a cause for celebration and thanksgiving ... the miraculous gift of another day.

In other cultures, like mine, we do our best to avoid it. Some of us, in fact, pride ourselves on how many hours of daylight we can sleep through.

So the miracle for me is that I'm up early enough to actually see it.


Okay, maybe it's also miraculous that I am actually walking down this trail into the Grand Canyon. But beyond that I am not counting on, nor am I expecting, any other miracles today. Especially regarding this hike.

That's because we're not attempting to do anything extraordinary or ridiculous ... like spending the night at the bottom or pretending to be celebrating my 70th birthday by going Rim to Rim or something like that.

We're only going "this far."

We're going in and then we're coming out.

And that's it.

We'll go down to the Supai Tunnel and turn around.

1,000 feet deep.

Stop for some water.

Take millions of pictures of each other in stupid poses along the way.

Up 1,000 feet.

A 4 mile round trip.

No delusions of grandeur. (Is that why it's called "Grand" and not "Delusional" Canyon?)

No blind ambitions.

And blah, blah, blah ...

I'm not even wearing shoes for this trip.

Now that's gotta be some kinda miracle!